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Alburtis, PA Lock Ridge Furnace Park

Lock Ridge Park, located between Church and Franklin Streets is open daily from dawn until dusk.  Enjoy the bluebells, festivals, trails, fishing and history!


Allentown Memorial Rose Gardens, Allentown, PA. Located at 2800 Parkway Blvd. Beautiful landscapes, rose gardens, tropicals, water features and natural vistas.


Allentown, PA Allentown Parkway Covered Bridge

My go to spot in the winter for the snow shots and holiday images that are so traditional of PA.


Downtown Bethlehem is a venue for photography that is rich in historical architecture from the wrought iron fences to the beautiful streetlights. There are old stones buildings, interesting doorways and amazing decor at the holidays.


Trumbauersville, PA Golden Spike Farm

The  Philosophy

We are not a rescue but the majority of the animals we own are from rescues or have been rescued in their own way.  With all the animals needing home in this world I do not believe in buying pure bred pets from breeders.  Rescued horses, cats and dogs can fill your home with as much love as a pure bred.  I take my philosophy to the next level and have decided not to breed any of my animals because that would just be adding more.  Although having puppies, kittens, foals and kids on the farm would be so cute!

The Rescued Farm Animals 


Apple Jacks – Appaloosa. He came to the farm when a boarder adopted him from Camelot Feed Lot Rescue Effort (http://www.nj-feedlot-horse-rescue.com/available.html).  While we don’t know much about him he came to use with very long and matted hair.  (So matted they thought he might be a Curly) He might have come from the south as he had massive welts from bug bites all over his body and the bugs had not yet come out here I in PA.  His shoes were hot shod on him.  I did purchase him from the boarder but for the cost she paid in fees for rescuing him.

Nash – Tennessee Walking Horse. He was at a horse farm in where the farm owner knows the person that trucks horses to Canada for slaughter.  The truck driver stops at her farm and unloads horses he thinks she can re-home.  To prove to her the horses are quality he gets on them bareback when he unloads them.  If she thinks she can find a home for them she puts the horses in her rescue barn.  She has about 10 rescue horses at a time that are kept in standing stalls.  They are tied up and not able to move or turn around.  As a result from standing for so long the horses ankles swell.  This is the conditions Nash was in when I went to look at him.  They said he was the nicest horse they had in the group but knew nothing of his past nor why he was on his way to Canada.  I took a look at his deep brown concerned eyes and fell in love.  

Cuervo – Palomino.  He was rescued from the same farm as Nash. His owner ran into major health issues and could not care for him anymore.

Casey – Arabian.  He was basically abandoned here at GSF.  The owner who ran into financial and health issues just stopped paying his boarding bill.  I used to be a great show horse. So we decided to keep him as he is such a good boy and great with the lesson kids.


Piper – one eyed border collie.  She was adopted from Last Chance Ranch. (http://www.lastchanceranch.org/)  They said she came from the streets of Philadelphia and was shot by a BB gun.  By the time I got her the wounds were all healed up but the BB was still lodged in her cheek.  A couple of years later I noticed her eye ball was getting bigger.  I took her to an ophthalmologist vet who said she had 7 times normal eye pressure in the eye and was blind in that eye.  This was probably caused by the trauma of the impact of the BB on her face as the lodged BB was right below the eye.  Since she is a farm dog who runs through the woods we decided to have the eye removed.  She is doing fine and entering in to her older years with grace and lots of doggie naps.

Shadow – Sheltie and Sheba Inu mix. I rescued him from a kill shelter in Ohio. The rescue organization posted him as available for foster. They arranged transport to Center Valley where we (my farm family and I) picked him up. He fit right in and became my shadow so I knew he had to stay.   http://goldenspikefarm.com/2012/09/23/my-shadow-is-here/


Elvis, Mugsy and Patches – Domestic Short Hair.  The barn cats were rescued as kittens from a local school where they were found hiding on the roof.

The Farm

Golden Spike Farm sits on 10 acres of Bucks county land. It consists of an 8 stall barn with a hay loft/tack room above.  These 8 horses have access to the dry lot all the time and the 2 pastures of grass when the conditions are right.  There is also an additional 2 stall barn in the back for the 2 pasture based horses.  I live on the property in a log home overlooking the front pasture and the goat pen.

I am fortunate enough to have a work from home job in the field of clinical research.  This pays the day to day bills and the mortgage.  All of the proceeds from horseback riding  lessons and boarding fees pay  the farm bills.  This makes the farm is financially self sufficient and when there is funds left over they go towards the constant improvements on the farm.


 Kennett Square, PA, Longwood Gardens

Admission to the park required for each family member. Travel fee and session fee extra.