The baby has arrived! What now??

After all the planning, waiting and anticipation, your bundle of joy has arrived. Now it's time to capture precious memories...

A few quick tips for your Newborn Photo Session:

Happy Happy Birthday!

Once your baby is born, please get in touch with me so we have scheduled the proper date.  It is really best to photograph the baby 5-10 days after birth. This allows the ability to capture amazing and timeless poses without a lot of movement from the baby. **Boys that are circumcised need 6 days of healing.

A deep sleep for a baby during a newborn session is best and is the ultimate goal.  The main reasons a baby could get fussy are: hunger, messy diaper, and upset bellies. 

Hunger: Avoid the "Hangry" baby 

  • Feed the baby immediately before arrival or during hair and makeup here
  • Keep a bottle on hand for quick access to food or we will have you nurse
  • Bring a "newborn" size pacifier 

Dressing your baby:

Dress him/her in something easy to get off. Zip/snap up jammies are great. Once you arrive, baby should be good and sleepy in his car seat. That's a great time to get started! Bring baby into our studio in the car seat.

Dressing you:

Soft muted colors are nice, most the portraits are photographed from the waist up. We have a wardrobe selection here for little girls and dresses for Mom. Dad is best dark denim pants or khaki and a coordinating soft shirt or thin sweater.

This day is about capturing and building memories; these tips to keep the day flowing smoothly!