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I am an international award winning photographer with 30 years experience. Specializing in Newborn photography and Pet photography. My Newborn photography is produced out of my studio in Salisbury Township. which is located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I like to capture the innocence and pure wonder of a new life using soft and warm lighting techniques. I also specialize in Pet Photography which is done on location or in studio. As an owner of 6 spoiled Pomeranians, I enjoy working with the unpredictability, high energy and often time challenging task of photographing animals.

My  fine art seascapes of Martha's Vineyard coastline have been featured by the Island Images Gallery in Oak Bluffs, MA. I am also a featured Gallery Artist with Still Point Art Gallery in Maine and exhibits from time to time with Cape Cod Art Association in MA.

I am inspired by the world around me. Soft light through the trees, a bright and warm sunrise over newly fallen snow and the sweet farewell of the sun as it hides behind clouds at dusk. As winter turns to spring, each season brings new wonders, new colors and passionate inspirations.

When I picked up a camera in the early 1980's while still in high school, I realized what I was meant to do with my life and how to unleash my ever growing curiosity and creativity. As a portrait photographer and fine artist, I approach taking images and capturing light with the same fervor, taking in its magic and letting it paint the story through my lens. I love capturing those fine moments at sunrise and sunset on the beach, as night becomes day and day becomes night. There is peace at these times of day that envelope me in comfort. In many ways, this is my own private sanctuary.

As a young photographer, I was influenced by Joel Meyerowitz. His images of Cape Cod shot in the 70's were a constant motivator. When I finally started traveling to Martha’s Vineyard, I sought out a copy of his book "Cape Light" which was out of print at the time and I had to wait several years to purchase it. When it was finally re-released, I poured through every page and was in awe of the use of composition, light and tone. This book became my muse. I can only hope that one day; I will be an inspiration for new, up and coming artists with that same fire in their eyes. 

Judy Reinford has a BFA in Communication Design and Fine Art Photography from Kutztown University in Kutztown, PA.