When: SATURDAY march 25th, 2018


Where: Judy Reinford Photography

Banana Factory Studio 243 Bethlehem, pA

COST: $125


This course outlines the 6 best practices while editing in Adobe Photoshop. We will explore the simplest ways to enhance your photographs and portrait work. No matter what level of skill you possess, this is a perfect fit to hone your craft. Beginners are welcome!

What you will need for editing:

  • Laptop loaded with Photoshop 2017 (or higher) recommended (make sure your brush palette has the spatter 59 pixels brush)
  • LR CC or higher
  • NIK by DXO (if you don’t have it, its free)
  • A mouse or Wacom tablet and pen or art pen
  • Extension cord

Purchase today; space is limited!



**Based on the course time, there will be short breaks but we will work through lunch- please bring any snacks, lunch, drinks, etc that you'd want!