Photos can enhance kids' self-esteem

I recently read an intriguing article about Kids’ self-esteem and how it can be enhanced by photographs. Not just any photograph, not digital posts to your Facebook page or Instagram, but photos around the home, on walls, in albums. So I decided to write about it.


Photographs hanging in the home does more than just show off your family, it builds a child’s self-esteem by presenting to the world that they are important. Children that see photos hanging of the joys and memories they have with their family shows them that you care.  


Reminding children, visually, of their achievements or this family vacations that bring back so many grand memories for them will continue to instill positive and happy thoughts.  Documenting their growth and milestones through the years is so important to ones childhood. Have you ever met a person that doesn’t love those Throw Back Thursday posts? Well guess what those posts are usually an old photograph taken from an album or in a box somewhere. They normally are not a replica of a digital shot, but of an actual printed photograph. How nostalgic can the digital world really get?

A few suggestions:

  • Capture your baby’s first moments, within the first week. 
  • Continue to capture moments as a baby/infant. This could be first steps, first birthday, first Christmas, etc.
  • Family vacations are always special and should be captured. What a great way to have a special wall in your home to share those vacations, swapping the photos out often brings new life and more walks down memory lane.
  • School, sporting and academic achievements are always great to display around the home. Not only to show your children how proud you are, but as a parent to get to brag to your guests. This will show you children how much those moments meant to both of you. 
  • Like the article mentioned, having a photo next to your child’s bed of some special happy moments makes them fall asleep happy and loved. I couldn’t agree more. 

When is the last time you went through the family album? Time to get some photos out and get them on the wall. Order some amazing canvas wraps for more a decor option vs. just framed photos. Bring your memories to life and allow your children to be reinforced that they are loved and they matter. Social Media is quick and last for seconds in ones news feed. Something hanging in a safe place will make your children know how important they are. 

I know we can all get caught up in the digital world, but try to remember to bring it full circle.