Things to consider when purchasing a Canvas Wrap

Things to consider when purchasing a Canvas Wrap

Not all canvas wraps are the same. I wanted to share some things that you should look for when purchasing a canvas wrap for your photographs.

·         Look closely at the quality of the canvas. Not all canvases have the same quality.

·         Look at the stretch of the canvas over the frame. How is it stretched and is it loose or warped?

·         Not all canvas fabric is equal. Some canvas wraps have more texture and grit to the canvas taking away from the image.

·         Pay attention to the corners. How tight are the corners and how are they finished? This is very important for you to know that the ink will hold up on the corners and not wear or fade once stretched.

·         Thinner canvas wraps have a more elegant appeal when placed where viewers will see the edge. For example: in a hallway walking down the hallway the thicker canvas wraps will protrude off the wall and draw attention to the corners.

·         Know the difference in how the sides of your canvases are produced. There are many different ways you can have the sides of your canvas. Blurred sides, plain color that is taken from the photo and just added to the side or complete stretch from end to end of the photograph. The latter is the best quality of a canvas wrap.

·         Does your canvas have an exposed open back or a closed back? A closed backing is better quality than an open back.

·         Does the canvas wrap come with hardware and wire? Most reputable wrapping companies will provide you with this.

·         Does the wrap include UV protection? Protecting your investment from fading is a definite plus when ordering your canvas wrap.

·         Does the wrap include a warranty? These can range from all aspects of your wrap, but again, protecting your art is important.

Enjoy your canvas wraps and make sure you’re going into the sale with as much knowledge as possible to ensure the best quality for the dollars you are spending.