The Art of Decorating with Fine Art

The Art of Decorating with Fine Art

Spring is around the corner and this gets people geared up to do some spring cleaning. This also gets people considering some changes to their interior design of their homes, offices or even vacation homes. Below find some ideas surround how you can make a major impact on your home decor just by changing your wall art, specifically including Fine Art.

Living Room: Living rooms or main entertainment rooms are a great place to show a bit more color and be a bit more bolder than others areas of your home. This is a room where you want people to feel relaxed and happy. Using brighter colors and interesting art will allow people to enjoy this room.  This is a great opportunity to have some fine art that can start a conversation. Size is important as well, picking something that is larger in size allows it to be a main focal point in the room. 

Dining Room: We all think of the dining room to be formal. Yes that is the case and where you may not want to pick bold and loud prints or fine art, you can still play with some soft colors and subtle colors to the room. Stick with some classics, especially with photography fine art. Floral designs are always a great option for any dining room. Nature is always an eye pleaser in the dining room.

Bedroom: This is where your style can really come out. You have to enjoy it and the person sleeping and spending time in this room must love this fine art. Get creative here with colors and patterns. This is all about the person who owns the room! Take into consideration what an image will look like over time in this room. We tend to change our bedding more often vs. our living room and dining room coordinates and accessories. Keep this in mind when picking fine art. You have to want to love it with all kinds of bedding options. 

Bathroom: What a great place to add flare and personality to a bathroom. This should be fun and tranquil images. Coordinating pictures and images with your colors is the best option in your bathroom. Make it look cohesive to all that visit that room. Beaches and soothing landscapes are always a great suggestion for any bathroom. You can’t go wrong.

Fine Art is whatever you determine to be pleasing. Whatever you determine is fine art to you, have fun and try different options out. You can never go wrong with a great piece of fine art hanging in your home.

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