New Space, New Opportunities

The last several years have been true lessons in change and growth; growth as a person,  a photographer and an artist. I have had many doors open as I have opened myself to new possibilities and ever evolving goals. 

There is one door that, while it literally has my name on it, is very symbolic of these new opportunities. That door opens to Studio 243... My studio at The Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA. 


I have been given the honor to be among the family of artists that reside there.

This was one opportunity that was not to be taken lightly. In order to receive a studio space, one has to go through an interview process and in essence audition for a spot. I was able to show samples of my work, explain my business practice and also prove that I would be able to add value to the Banana Factory and the other artists.  It was an emotional process and left me vulnerable to possibly not be accepted! There may have been a few tears shed but all of them led to positive changes and real growth.

What this studio also offers is a chance to be more creative with Senior Photos, Family Photos, Headshots and even Holiday Photos. I am now given an amazing space to follow another path that is near to my heart: I am able to use this space to teach others. 

While my home studio is still going to be used for Newborn Photography, the Banana Factory affords the opportunity for an edgier level of Portraiture. This New Space = New Opportunities and I am so lucky to have this chance to shine!

To learn more about the Banana Factory and the Resident Artists, click the link below