Being a Pomeranian Is A Tough Job

Woof! Louis, Louis Reinford here. Being a Pomeranian sure is a tough job. I’m so darn cute; people make the biggest fuss over me and let me tell you, I don’t mind at all. I’m lucky enough to have the best mommy in the "howl" world, Judy! She loves snapping photos of my brothers and sisters and me. As you can imagine, I try to get as much camera time as I can. It sure is tough when Qunnie tries to but in and acts like a diva. I’m not complaining, but sometimes I want that camera time all to myself. 


I’m gearing up for another trip. This time to Oregon. I’ll be sure to capture some candid shots to share with you, so make sure you follow Judy Reinford Photography on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you can follow all of my amazing moments. I’m spoiled; I know it! 

Below are just some of the photos that show just how adorable I can be when the camera starts clicking! Wouldn’t you agree? You too can have your photo taken by mom. Learn more HERE.