The Art of the Selfie Photo

Selfie - a word that you should know by now, unless you have been in the arctic somewhere. The meaning of the word, per Webster: an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks. 

   This is a good friend that allowed me to use her photos for this demonstration.


This is a good friend that allowed me to use her photos for this demonstration.


Pretty easy concept and one that is getting traction across the world.  I wanted to put together a little tip sheet on how to take the perfect selfie. There is no way around it, it’s here to stay. Ask Kim Kardashian or any of the Kardashians. 


  1. Know your good side. We all have that better side, find yours and work it.  Work the different angles of your face with your camera until you’re comfortable with what works for you and the shape of your face. Want to look a little slimmer in the face, a good trick, shoot the selfie a little bit from above. Not an aerial shot, but just a tad bit above. Don’t forget to stick the neck out a little to get rid of any multiple chin effects. Always a selfie disaster.
  2. Lighting - Use good lighting. Try not to use the camera flash, but instead use as much natural light as you possibly can. Will give you a much softer look and even more natural look to your selfie. 
  3. Cell Phone photo filters - take advantage of what your phones capabilities are. Instagram has them built in and there are many other programs you can use for filtering your photos and that selfie. 
  4. Do something that is fun, quirky or looks natural. Random selfies can show the fun in the art of the selfie by being natural.
  5. Natural is good, but staging a selfie can go viral. Know your backgrounds. You’ve all seen those horrible bathroom selfies where people forget to put certain things away. Know that there may be more in the image than yourself. Know your surroundings and if need be, stage it to be cool behind you. Flowers or something like a sunset or landscape always gives a selfie a cool feel. 
  6. Don’t over do the SELFIE! You know who you are. If all the photos on your Instagram or Facebook are selfies, you’re probably over doing it. If they look the same, you’re wearing the same outfits,  you’re over doing it. Make it interesting.

Now, get started on your perfect selfie and share them with us online and tag @JudyReinfordPhotography .